Perfect Pussy’s Blood Bath

March 19, 2014

In Rolling Stone‘s March 13, 2014, issue, the “Random Notes” section features this blurb: “Blood Bath For buzzy New York noise-punk band Perfect Pussy, music is in their blood – and vice versa! Their debut LP, Say Yes to Love, has a limited vinyl edition filled with singer Meredith Graves’ blood (they sold out immediately). So why’d she do it? ‘Because I’m not attractive enough to pose nude,’ Graves says.”

What the…? 

First, noise-punk? That’s not a thing. That’s just noise. Come on.

Second, Perfect Pussy? What, your music sucks so you have to be provocative with your “band”‘s name? What a gimmick.

Third, why fill the vinyl with your blood? Another stunt, another gimmick. Is this chick for real? 

Lady, forget these empty, trashy gimmicks, and go practice your instrument and write a better song. 


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